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Maintenance Checklist

  1. Smoke detector won’t work when tested. Check often and replace battery if needed. Notify us at once. What to do if the smoke detector beeps on and off Check and replace battery.
  2. If there is no power to plugs. Plug something else into the plug to see if it works. If not, check breaker panel or fuse box. Reset the breaker. Do it several times, if it does not hold. Place a work request from our website.
  3. No power to switch or switches. Check the breaker box to see if a breaker has flipped. Reset the breaker if it doesn't hold the first time, try again. If it continues to seem loose and not hold. Place a work request order from our website.
  4. Garbage disposal won’t work On the side or bottom of the disposal motor or housing, push reset button on disposal. Some disposals come with a wrench that is stored under the sink or taped to housing.
  5. No hot water coming from faucet or tub. Sometimes the thermostat is too low to have enough hot water so check the thermostat on hot water tank. Is pilot light lit?
  6. The water is “TOO HOT”. Again, check thermostat on tank and turn down the temperature gauge.
  7. Leaking toilet. If the leak is from the base, turn the valve off at the back of the toilet. If the toilet keeps re-filling, it probably needs a new "flapper" inside the tank.
  8. If the faucet leaks, this is costly. Turn off water fixture that is located under sink, place a work order on website.
  9. If the toilet gets plugged. Try plunging the clog out with a plunger. If still plugged place a work order on our website.
  10. If the sink gets plugged check the drain for hair. Remove hair from drain
  11. Furnace not working properly. First, check the thermostat. Check the furnace cover as it may not have been replaced properly when changing the filter. Is pilot light lit or,didit go out? Is the breaker tripped?
  12. Dishwasher won’t drain water. Remember to check the bottom to clean food out of bottom of dishwasher. Use a rinse agent to help clean the dishes and remove hard water. Do not place food material in dishwasher as it will clog the hoses. Rinse dishes before washing to ensure clean dishes. If mineral deposits seem to show up at base or soap is not dissolving, add a cleaning agent to an empty dishwasher and follow directions.
  13. Refrigerator not staying cold, freezing items or is too warm. If your refrigerator is left as a courtesy, you may have it repaired but please let us know if you are going to replace it due to repairs needed. We must record in our files and inform the owner. Make sure the grills are clean, thermostat is set correctly and drain hole is clean.

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